Batter production operator

Job Description

Under the authority of the Production Supervisor, the person occupying the position of batter operator is called upon to work and / or operate equipment in the batter sector. It should also be called upon to clean up its area, thereby optimizing the operational efficiency of the organization



  • Ensure at all times that the premises are clean, tidy and the equipment safe.
  • Anticipate all dangerous situations and implement the appropriate corrective measures.
  • In the event of any intervention (cleaning, etc.) on the conveyors, make sure that all energy sources are cut off.

Batter activities

By occupying the batter operator position, you are required to operate the equipment in the batter section. In this case, you will perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure the batter supply of the two production lines while respecting the operational procedures at the station:
  • Operate the batter mixing machine.
  • Validate the compliance of the viscosity for each product and make adjustments in the event of a deviation.
  • Check each head of batter before mixing to ensure that the code corresponds to the product being manufactured.
  • Complete the viscosity test sheet at the frequency specified in the production start-up
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the breading machines. In the event of a problem, must immediately notify his immediate supervisor;
  • Enter the remaining stock of batter into the Syspro system (using the scanner gun);
  • Participate in the training of new employees assigned to the batter sector;
  • Complete the operational control documents for the batter sector;
  • Participate in the process improvement process of the sector and the reduction of releases.


While working in the batter sector, you will be called upon to perform the following cleaning operations:

  • Using various work tools, maintain the production line (residues on the ground, on machine structures, steps, drains, etc.);
  • Constantly clean the shakers (shaker before the oven, the Bias shaker, shakers before the batter applicator) to remove potato residue;
  • Participate in the cleaning of his sector on sanitation days; this involves the use of chemicals;
  • Must ensure that work tools are always clean;
  • Must meet health standards according to HACCP standards:Storage of production.

Requested skills

  • Sens of obsevation
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Autonomy
  • Ability to concentration
  • Initiative
  • Tolerance for pressure
  • Attention to details


  • Insurance (dental, medical and paramedical expenses, life, salary, travel, disability)
  • Performance bonus
  • Training and development program
  • Free parking
  • Uniform provided

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