About us


Our company was founded in 2007 within the walls of an old textile factory in Huntington, Quebec. Major investments and improvements were made to allow the implementation and development of a cutting-edge automated processing plant for the transformation of the finest sweet potatoes harvested in North Carolina into fries of exceptional quality.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and qualified personnel are the winning formula to efficiently cater to your needs when it comes to taste.

Our vision is based on a customized approach that meets your highest standards.

With this unique and highly flexible approach, Russet House saw a growth in its popularity and secured a choice position amongst the largest players of the potato industry. We are proud to now be the third-largest processor of sweet potatoes in North America, while still listening to our clients’ specific needs.

State-of-the-art technology

Staying on the cutting-edge of new product trends allows Russet House to respond quickly to ever changing consumer demands. Our manufacturing facility was designed for maximum production flexibility for this very reason.

Our team of industry professionals bring a wide array of talent and expertise in sales, production, logistics, custom design and packaging to produce superior potato products you can call your own.

Russet House meets the growing demand for organic and gluten-free sweet potato fries.

Steam bleaching technology

As an innovative company, Russet House knows the importance of maintaining all properties of the sweet potato and its health benefits throughout processing. Nature provided the sweet potato with an intense colour and a sweet taste of exceptional softness, which is where our steam blanching process becomes most important.

In opposition to the water blanching process, which depletes the potato of its nutrients, colour and taste, the steam blanching process used at Russet House improves the retention of these amazing properties, and prevent the addition of ingredients such as sugar and other unwanted additives.

Because steam blanching minimizes the leaching of soluble solids (which leaves more natural sugars in sweet potatoes) it improves flavor retention and color retention to produce a final product with superior flavor, texture and color.

Consumers are mindful of their health, read labels and other online tools to learn and become more aware of the products they ingest and Russet House understands that. Let us surprise you!

Our team

L’équipe de Maison Russet est composée de chefs de file de l’industrie de la restauration en Amérique du Nord qui offrent collectivement la meilleure expérience de conception, de production et de vente internationale pour répondre aux besoins de nos clients.

Our team

Potato product processing is made possible by a team of seasoned professionals. Our team is formed of a large array of talents and expertise in sales, designing, production, and logistics, with the addition of our devotion towards our human resources, at the heart of our company.