Russet House Involved
in the Community

Russet House is Proud

One of the core values of Russet House is it’s involvement being part of the community of the Haut St-Laurent area. This booming region has whole lot to offer and we make it a mission to participate offering our support to different non-profit organizations and good causes.

Requests from all those organizations are numerous. At Russet House,we thinks that all of them should be supported in any possible ways. Sponsorship and donations are available and can take various forms; Clerical, communication, assistance to the board of director, corporate volunteer work etc.

Prioritized Activity Sectors

Economical development,
tourism and
job offers

environment development


Arts and culture



Sports and leisure

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Groups, associations or non-profit organizations wishing to submit a request for donation or sponsorship request are invited to do so by completing the online form below.

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