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Product Development & Co-Manufacturing

Russet House is uniquely positioned to have the flexibility to work with you to create sweet potato products for your private brand as well as co-manufacturing. We can produce sweet potato fries with your custom batter formulation or our Tender Crunch and Crispy Wheat batters. As the Tater Innovators our team works with your specific needs to create new sweet potato products in our state-of-the-art facility.

We are the Private Brand Specialists!

Russet House recognizes the unique needs of both the foodservice and retail industry for innovative specialty and custom non-GMO and organic sweet potato and organic white potato products. We are private brand specialists when it comes to potatoes. Our potato products are superior in flavor, color and nutrition worthy of your Private Brand label. Private label has been replaced with private brand because your brand has unique value to your customers and we take that very seriously. Our retail clients have built brand loyalty and increased store revenue with their private brand products. We are excited to create new and unique products for your private brand.

Our dynamic team offers a full service process that includes logistics, product development, quality assurance, and graphic design. Whatever your needs, we have the expertise.

The Russet House team consists of leaders in the North American foodservice and retail industry who collectively offer the best international design, production and sales experience to meet the needs of our global customers.


Certified organic sweet potato fries for your private brand.


Russet House meets the demand for Non-GMO healthy products.


In order to diversify its offer and also propose a product that can be consumed by people with allergies and food intolerances.


These individual portions are developed from a steam-cooked white potato for maximum taste and tenderness.