Products and services

Products development

The dynamic Russet House team is equipped to answer the individual needs of each client. Our wide range of activities allows us to cater to all of your needs; whether it regards product development, graphic design, or logistics, we have the in-house expertise and comply with the most stringent quality-insurance and food safety requirements. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

To be a leader in innovation, Russet House calls upon the creativity, flexibility and devotion of its entire team. This winning combination and the intrinsic passion that drives each personnel member contributes to the success of our clients. Bet on the Russet House team and we will take on any challenge with you.

Exclusive products

What about customized batter? Sky’s the limit! Our R&D team works closely with you to develop the taste and texture profiles that you are looking for.

Whether you want gluten-free, non-GMO, seasoned or spiced, we have the ability to find the right formula for your product to achieve success.

Millennials represent about a fourth of the entire population and heavily influence culinary trends. With $200 billion in annual buying power, this new wave of consumers creating new demands and expecting novelty cannot be ignored. Russet House, always on the lookout, is equipped with the right tools to develop innovative sweet potato products that reach this age group and its needs.


Certified organic sweet potato fries for your private brand.


Russet House meets the demand for Non-GMO healthy products.


In order to diversify its offer and also propose a product that can be consumed by people with allergies and food intolerances.


These individual portions are developed from a steam-cooked white potato for maximum taste and tenderness.