Job description

Under the authority of the Maintenance Director, the storekeeper is responsible for the physical management of all receipts such as parts, components, assemblies, items, consumables in order to support maintenance. The storekeeper works in collaboration with the maintenance buyer and the maintenance supervisor. The storekeeper maintains the parts inventory and maintains order in the parts store. He must set up and maintain an optimal filing system and order the different parts. He works with the maintenance supervisor and the maintenance service team to standardize the components.


In your main responsibilities, you will be called upon to:

Writing / data entry:

  • Prepares various documents according to the recommendations and systems in place;
  • Complete maintenance service database updates;
  • Is responsible for completing and maintaining the order tracking file;
  • Prepares purchase requests for the replacement of consumed parts.

Planning receptions

  • Collaborate with the various internal stakeholders to ensure the timely update of the availability of parts, components, consumables and support them in problematic cases (unforeseen, emergency, etc.) in order to identify the corrective actions to be taken;
  • Ensures that planning is optimized with current purchasing and purchasing processes to ensure timely availability to follow the maintenance plan and adapt to the changing environment, all within the aim to minimize inventory and ensure on-time delivery of parts, components and other maintenance consumables.

Purchase :

  • When purchasing new equipment or new technologies, will be called upon to participate in the validation of the components of this new equipment and must ensure that they comply with our standards;
  • Make certain purchases as needed.

Inventory :

  • Is responsible for the minimum and maximum quantities to be kept in inventory according to the criticality of the equipment, the delivery times as well as the price;
  • Maintains system information (supplier data, current price list, delivery time, economic quantity, etc.);
  • Ensures that the current process is optimized to adjust minimum / maximum levels based on historical consumption rates to ensure that replenishment quantities are accurate and purchased on a timely basis;
  • Supports inventory reduction initiatives;
  • Is responsible for the organization of the parts store: works with various stakeholders of the maintenance department in connection with the organization of the store, is responsible for setting up and maintaining the parts store according to the established plan, is responsible for determining the parts, components, items and quantities to be kept in inventory in the parts store and collaborate in the entry of parts into the CMMS software;
  • Participate in the achievement of fixed budgets and communicate to the Maintenance Manager the evolution of performance indicators.

Management of suppliers

  • Actively manages supplier deliveries by ensuring confirmation of purchase orders and delivery dates required by the supplier. Take action to resolve potential delivery issues and escalate as needed. Highlights delivery risks in order to closely monitor them. Performs sourcing reviews with major suppliers, if necessary, to ensure availability, also reviews quality and delivery performance of key suppliers.
  • Works with internal and external stakeholders to support the deployment of the new ERP system (Syspro) and maintenance CMMS (Interal) to ensure that the requirements for the procurement of maintenance components and services are understood, exposed and implemented.

Clerical responsibility

  • Classifies documents related to parts ordered and received.
  • Ship by express courier for maintenance service. (Send for repair).

Requested skills

  • Academic training: Completed high school diploma and / or relevant experience
  • Work experience: Minimum of 3 years in a similar position
  • Computer knowledge: Intermediate Office Suite
  • Languages spoken: French at advanced level and English at intermediate level
  • Written languages: French and English intermediate level
  • Asset: Experience in the food industry and / or manufacturing industry


  • Insurance (death, dental, disability, life, medical and paramedical coverage)
  • Performance bonuses
  • Professional training and development program
  • Free parking
  • Company-supplied uniform

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