Production Supervisor

Job Description

Under the responsibility of the Director of Operations, the incumbent is responsible for the proper functioning of production, the adequate management of human resources, material resources and equipment, in order to ensure that processing activities are safe, that production results in quality end products, meeting safety standards and in expected quantity. The incumbent must meet or exceed operational efficiency targets. It supports continuous improvement initiatives and respects the environment by minimizing the waste of raw materials, packaging materials and resources such as water.



Coordination of production staff :

  • Coordinates the daily work of the employees under his responsibility;
  • Applies the operations manager’s work schedule for his work team;
  • Train and supervise his team by following the directives and programs relating to occupational health and safety, to the vision of quality and production;
  • Controls the hours worked of the employees under his responsibility;
  • Ensures compliance with company human resources standards.


Endowment :

  • Participate with his immediate superior, in the hiring of the employees of his work team;
  • Onboarding new employees to his work team.


Efficiency :

  • Is called upon to make preliminary recommendations to the Director of Operations concerning the performance evaluations of the employees of his work team;
  • Supervises the work of employees, applies the disciplinary measures required if necessary, carries out employee training or follow-up training and any other work related to the management of its personnel.




  • Ensure at all times that the premises are clean, tidy and the equipment safe;
  • Anticipate all dangerous situations and implement the appropriate corrective measures;
  • Ensures compliance with policies and procedures related to health and safety at work, for all persons, employees, agencies, visitors, contractors present in the workplaces under his responsibility;
  • Promotes a healthy and safe work environment for all staff under their responsibility;
  • Following an incident, follow the procedure in place and complete the form describing the event and proceed with the investigation, so as to clearly identify the cause and the implementation of an immediate temporary measure and / or permed.


Food Quality & Safety

  • Ensures compliance with standards, HACCP, ISO, GMP by all employees, agencies, visitors, contractors in the workplaces under his responsibility;
  • Works in collaboration with the quality assurance team to maintain and improve the level of product quality;
  • Make every effort to ensure that products leaving the line meet quality requirements so that production is “Right the First Time”;
  • Places requirements affecting product quality and safety ahead of productivity and ensures the quality commitment of its team members;
  • Checks the quality forms to ensure that the information entered is correct and complete.


Customer service

  • Produces what is required on the production schedule, in the required quantity and in the order specified;
  • Participate in investigations to explain the circumstances surrounding any complaints received from our customers and must ensure follow-up until the problem is eliminated at the source.



  • Ensures that losses related to consumables, packaging materials and resources such as water are up to established standards and corrects situations if they get out of control.



  • Supervises his team to improve productivity;
  • Checks production forms to ensure that the information entered is accurate and complete;
  • Track raw materials and packaging materials and other consumables used during production;
  • Participate in the review of operating procedures and make recommendations to ensure “Best in class” in productivity;
  • Issuing work orders to resolve issues related to equipment or the work environment;
  • Lead the monthly meeting with his work team and report to the Director of Operations;
  • Participate in the development of new products when required;
  • Manages unforeseen events relating to operations in its sector;
  • Participates in production meetings;
  • Is able to explain operational variances, inventories and losses incurred during the production of his team;
  • Analyzes manpower needs and distributes it according to operational needs;
  • Continuous research to innovate in working methods in order to improve efficiency.

Requested skills

Requirements :

  • College technique in engineering or agrifood or other relevant field completed.
  • Minimum of 5 years in a similar position and 2 years in personnel management
  • Computer knowledge : Microsoft Office, level intermediate
  • Spoken language: French and English advanced
  • Be available for 12 hour rotating shifts


The skills sought for this position are:

  • Be a motivator, a good communicator and a good listener.
  • Have a sense of priorities, be organized and autonomous.
  • Team worker.
  • Ability to work in a context of continuous improvement.
  • Ability to work in a changing environment.
  • Be results oriented.
  • Management style marked by respect, rigor, transparency, integrity and fairness.


  • Insurance (dental, medical and paramedical expenses, life, salary, travel, disability)
  • Performance bonus
  • Training and development program
  • Free parking
  • Uniform provided

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