Office Maintenance Worker

Job Description

The employee is in charge of the cleaning and sanitation of bathrooms, the cafeteria, locker rooms and filling up the supplies.


Cleaning and sanitation

  • Cleaning the bathrooms, cafeteria, lockers and other areas untouched by the sanitation team.
  • Use, manipulate cleaning products when needed and while following all WHMIS safety standards to eliminate any risk.
  • Use the mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Comply with the company’s human resources, HACCP and ISO standards.
  • Comply with the HACCP health standards.
  • Provide all documents requested by the supervisor.
  • Keep the supplies and chemicals room clean and organized.
  • Perform all related tasks upon request.

Filling up the supplies

  • Fill up the nets (hair, beard, hood), gloves, sleeves and other supplies.
  • Clean the water fountains and foot bath buckets.
  • Clean the supervisor’s office, the control room and the laboratory.
  • Keep an inventory of all supplies and chemicals.
  • Label, if necessary, the chemicals according to the neutral, basic and acid chart.
  • Check the temperature on the production side during warm weather.
  • Check the temperature and functioning of the eye wash station.
  • Check and fill up the first aid kits.

Requested Skills

Education: DEP related to the tasks or any combination of pertinent experience

  • Additional training: knowledge of the Windown environment, Word, Excel and SIMDUT
  • Number of pertinent years of experience: minimum of 2 years
  • Quality and personal skills: team spirit, politeness, diplomacy, judgement, initiative, multitasking abilities, stress handling, accountability and punctuality.


  • Insurance (death, disability, life, medical and paramedical coverage)
  • Performance bonuses
  • Professional training and development program
  • Free parking
  • Company-supplied uniform

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